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Too Much Too Soon Plugins 0707

Downloads: 45 License: Freeware
Views: 555 Size: 73.0 KB
Date Released: 26 February, 2011

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Author: Mattias Sandstrom

Too Much Too Soon Plugins is a set of free plugins for Apple Final Cut Pro and ExpressSlow Motion (New July 2007)Change the speed of interlaced video to 50% then apply this. It will alternate betweenthe fields creating the smoothest slow motion possible.Regrain (New July 2007)When working with film footage it's either often necessary to remove the grain beforeperforming things like sharpening and keying, or some filters you add like diffusion andtime remapping will remove grain that you wanted to keep. Drop the origina clip on thisfilter, and it will lift the grain from it and add it back. If you regrain something thatwas previously "noise reduced" make sure you use the same settings and you will get nearlossless performance.Smart Anamorphic (Updated July 2007)Stretches 4:3 footage to 16:9 without cropping. Make sure you remove any automaticallyadded distortions in the motion tab before you apply this. Currently in beta so pleasesend all the feedback you got. This update stretches in a more subtle way, more like thepanorama setting on many widescreen tv's.Noise Reduction (Updated July 2007)New Heavy Blur method may remove more noise, but may also create an artificial look.Mainly meant for web video and for footage that will be Regrained, see the new filter.You can also chose to show edges, to fine tune what's considered detail in the image andwhat is noise. Removes video noise and grain by averaging pixels where there's no detail.Aside from giving you a cleaner image, this can really improve the results you'd get frommost compression schemes.Smart Noise ReductionReduces noise considerably by averaging frames where there's no motion.Needs to be first in the filter chain to work properly.Smart DeinterlaceDeinterlaces motion areas only, maintaining maximum sharpness and minimizing artifacts.Needs to be first in the filter chain to work properly.Custom DiffusionAdd diffusion with more control than the old one, but otherwise the same effect.Hair RemovalJust razor on each side of the frame with the hair or dust speck, draw a line over it,select whether to replace it with the previous or next image, add an optional offset,and it magically disappears. You'll find that simply drawing the line is sufficient inmost situations.ClockGenerates a digital clock, for countdowns or whatever. The update adds the option toselect which figures are shown, plus you can now count hours too. The clock doesn'tanimate on its own, so you have to keyframe the "milliseconds" slider. I thought thatwould be the most flexible way of handling this...FlashframeA flashframe transition. Now with optional gradual pre and (!) post blur and lumaclamping for legal levels.Color BalanceAdjusts color balance without changing the luminance. Works a little like the built incolor balance filter as well as the Quicktime RGB filter, but much better and moreintuitive than both.Color Balance 3-wayAs above but with separate controls for shadows, midtones and highlights. Similar to thecolor balance tool found in many image manipulation tools for stills.ClockGenerates a digital clock, for countdowns or whatever. The update adds millisecondsto the display. I suggest you crop the frame to select the number of decimals you need.The clock doesn't animate on its own, so you have to keyframe the "seconds" slider. Ithought that would be the most flexible way of handling this...Scratch RemovalRemoves vertical scratches from old and damaged film. Move the sliders (you canenter fractions by hand for fine tuning) until the guide covers the scratch and thenuncheck the guide box. Scratches like these are often stationary but otherwise thefilter is completely keyframeable.Anamorphic SqueezeThe benefit of doing this using a filter is that the letterbox area becomes usablefor other filters applied to the same clip, such as Timecode Reader. This is notthe case when you use the anamorphic checkbox or the motion settings. Make sure youundo any other squeeze before applying this.Shadow/Highlight GammaApplies gamma correction to the highlights and shadows independently. Originally designed to correctthe excessive contrast often found in film material transfered on a film chain, but feel free to useit whichever way you want.Black & WhiteOffers more control over the conversion to black & white than simple desaturation. Use it to emulate different b&w filmstocks as well as camera filters. I like to use 50% red and 50% green and lose the blue altogether for that orange filter look.Chroma ResampleResamples the chroma channel using FCP's bicubic interpolation instead of Quicktime's built in nearest neighbor algorithm. Makes keying a lot easier and generally improves the image, especially if used with the Black & White or Fast Deinterlace filters.DiffusionSilk stocking, Soft Filter, ProMist, LoCon, Diffusion and so on -- this filter does it. Just experiment with the settings. Normal, Overlay and Screen seems to be the most useful transfer modes, but don't let that stop you.Speeder IIISpeed ramping tool. Ramps by keyframing the frame number or progress percentage. Works on the clip it's applied to, but if you want to change the duration you can apply it to a scrap clip and drop the clip to ramp in the source clip box.Fast DeinterlaceSame as the built in, but it renders more than twice as fast. And now it shouldn't destroy the last line of video as it sometimes did before.Black RestoreIf you've lost the blacks for some reason, like video noise, bad telecine or dirty VHS heads, or even because of some filter you applied, this one's for you. It gives the image its punch back, with deeper blacks and better saturation in dark colors, without changing the brightness of the rest of the image.Blend FieldsThis does the exact same thing as the famous "double deinterlace filmlook method," but it renders *a lot* faster.MosaicWell, mosaic.Reduce FlickerSame as Blend Fields, but only blends where there's interlace artifacts. Useful for removing flicker in text and still images while preserving as much sharpness as possible.RGB GammaA simple but effective color corrector.TypewriterTypes the letters one at a time. Uses keyframes to control the speed, which allows for a more "real" and "natural" typing look. Try it with the Harting font.Wind Blur/CrossThis is a regular wind blur that is much, much faster than the built in one, due to the slight limitation that it only supports two directions, vertical and horizontal. It works both as a filter and as a transition.


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  • Too Much Too Soon Plugins 0707 - Too Much Too Soon Plugins is a set of free plugins for Apple Final Cut Pro and ExpressSlow Motion (New July 2007)Change the speed of interlaced video to 50% then apply this.

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