New Software

DataNumen Zip Repair 2.6
Published: 14 October, 2019 12:45
DataNumen Zip Repair is a powerful tool to repair...

Network Olympus Monitoring 1.4.0
Published: 14 October, 2019 12:22
Complete network monitoring solutions for ultimate system...

Probeturion Onsite Configurator 2.306
Published: 12 October, 2019 10:27
Probeturion | IT infrastructure monitoring system | A...

VyprVPN for Windows
Published: 12 October, 2019 10:22
The VyprVPN for Windows application automatically...

Vivaldi for Windows 2.7
Published: 12 October, 2019 10:22
Vivaldi, a browser that does not track you, is a...

Plasma Colors Screensaver 2.0
Published: 12 October, 2019 10:10
Eye-catching abstract free screensaver with plasma...

Published: 12 October, 2019 08:40
GamePP is a software that focuses on hardware monitoring...

Desktop Calendar
Published: 10 October, 2019 13:04
Record anything by double-click on desktop. It's very...

Project Timer
Published: 10 October, 2019 13:02
Project Timer, a project timer for the Windows taskbar...

WinToHDD 4.0
Published: 10 October, 2019 12:55
WinToHDD is a free software which can help you install,...

VyprVPN for Mac 3.0
Published: 07 October, 2019 11:41
The VyprVPN for Mac application automatically configures...

NetCrunch Tools
Published: 07 October, 2019 11:37
NetCrunch Tools is a completely free toolkit for network...

LightningChart JS 1.0.1
Published: 07 October, 2019 11:30
LightningChart JS comes with an outstanding execution...

Happytime RTMP Server 1.0
Published: 07 October, 2019 11:23
Happytime rtmpserver is a simple, lightweight,...

DataNumen Office Repair 4.1
Published: 05 October, 2019 09:07
DataNumen Office Repair is a Microsoft Office data...

Published: 03 October, 2019 11:09
Maiar is a blazing fast, privacy first browser for the...

CleverPsych 11.1
Published: 03 October, 2019 11:00
Software for psychologists / allied health profs. who...

DataNumen Access Repair 2.8
Published: 03 October, 2019 10:59
DataNumen Access Repair is a powerful Access recovery...

Delete Folder Permissions for Outlook 4.13
Published: 03 October, 2019 10:53
Free tool for removing Outlook folder permissions for...

WebIntoApp 1.0
Published: 03 October, 2019 10:45
The WebIntoApp is a program that allows you to run the...

New Reviews

Aquarium Lab 2012.0.2   (Usha)
My aquarium water condition is being monitored by this...

TextSeek (Mac) 2.5.1583   (Zesi_Tom)
Deep indexing of desktop computer's documents is...

RPM Remote Print Manager Elite 32 Bit   (tintin)
Takes care of any printing job to be converted and saved...

Nutrigenic Helper 1.0   (Simsiak)
As a dietician I use this software to plan a nutrient...

Radmin   (Jefferson)
Can control the computers from distance location even if...

JavaScript Diagram 3.3.3   (Xeviers)
Lots of flow diagrams can be drawn in short time with...

WarpPro 1.0   (Rownok)
Reproduces any record after fixing the timing error of...

HueScope Separator 1.0   (Kislu)
Separates the colors from an watercolor image which is...

ERD Concepts 8.0   (Tintin)
For backend database design it is the perfect one, manual...

MindView 7.0.15506   (Zerin)
Can easily note down any new ideas or plans for future...

Popular Software

FreeCommander 2009.02b  (6245)
Released: 08 November, 2011
FreeCommander is an advanced file manager program. It can...

AbiWord 2.8.6  (1827)
Released: 05 December, 2011
AbiWord is a free word processor for all major operating...

TestDisk and PhotoRec 6.14  (2856)
Released: 24 October, 2012
TestDisk is a powerful free data recovery software!

NetBeans IDE 7.4  (1073)
Released: 02 December, 2013
Free and open source IDE for programmers in almost all...

Safari for Windows 5.1.7  (4002)
Released: 04 December, 2013
Experience the fastest web browsing in your windows PC...

GeekUninstaller  (1398)
Released: 08 December, 2013
GeekUninstaller is a free small sized uninstaller program...

SeaMonkey 2.23  (1604)
Released: 07 January, 2014
Advanced Internet user, web developer and corporate...

Ahnenblatt 2.74  (94)
Released: 15 November, 2012
Ahnenblatt is a free and easy-to-use genealogy software...


Software Publisher: "Recovery ToolBox"

Outlook Recovery Toolbox 1.7.45
Outlook Recovery Toolbox 1.7.45    License: Shareware

Repairs ost and pst files, created by Microsoft Outlook and saves the data into clean files of pst format that can be easily accessed by this email client. Try Outlook Recovery ToolBox if you'd like to convert ost files into pst documents
Author: Recovery ToolBox | Date: 10 March, 2011 | Size: 3.2 MB | Download Now

OE-Mail Recovery 1.7.27
OE-Mail Recovery 1.7.27    License: Shareware

The utility repairs damaged dbx files where Outlook Express stores user correspondence and other items. Outlook Express recovery solution uses improved folder recovery engine to ensure the maximum performance of Outlook Express repair
Author: Recovery ToolBox | Date: 10 March, 2011 | Size: 1.0 MB | Download Now

Zip Recovery Toolbox 1.1.15
Zip Recovery Toolbox 1.1.15    License: Shareware

ZIP Recovery Toolbox recovers data from corrupted ZIP files. Features: Repair ZIP archives Repair self-extracting (SFX) files Recover password-protected ZIP files Repair ZIP files larger than 4 GB Restore ZIP files from damaged media
Author: Recovery ToolBox | Date: 30 November, 2010 | Size: 777.6 KB | Download Now

RAR Recovery Toolbox 1.1.14
RAR Recovery Toolbox 1.1.14    License: Shareware

RAR Recovery Toolbox recovers data from corrupted RAR archives and files. Features: Repair RAR archives Recover password-protected RAR files Repair RAR files larger than 4 GB Restore RAR files from damaged media Fix RAR files over network
Author: Recovery ToolBox | Date: 30 November, 2010 | Size: 1.6 MB | Download Now

SQL Server Recovery Toolbox 1.1.12
SQL Server Recovery Toolbox 1.1.12    License: Shareware

The program analyzes damaged files, created by Microsoft SQL Server. SQL Server Recovery Toolbox opens corrupted mdf documents that were affected due to incorrect user activities, viral infections and other factors. It is fast and efficient, try it.
Author: Recovery ToolBox | Date: 28 September, 2010 | Size: 1.8 MB | Download Now

Access Recovery Toolbox 1.1.12
Access Recovery Toolbox 1.1.12    License: Shareware

Parses corrupted documents of MDB and ACCDB format, repairing the source data from Microsoft Access files. This approach to the safety of affected data does not depend on the infosecurity measures, it can be applied on virtually any PC.
Author: Recovery ToolBox | Date: 25 December, 2011 | Size: 1.7 MB | Download Now

Illustrator Recovery Toolbox 2.0.0
Illustrator Recovery Toolbox 2.0.0    License: Shareware

Get Illustrator Recovery Toolbox and quickly eliminate data corruption threats affecting the integrity of AI illustrations. This program supports all available PC configurations so you may apply this tool on any PC running MS Windows.
Author: Recovery ToolBox | Date: 18 February, 2013 | Size: 3.4 MB | Download Now

Photoshop Recovery Toolbox 2.0.0
Photoshop Recovery Toolbox 2.0.0    License: Shareware

Try Photoshop Recovery Toolbox during PSD recovery sessions in all instances of data corruption. Do not worry if you encounter some kind of difficulties during the processing of PSD files, this application may get your data back anytime.
Author: Recovery ToolBox | Date: 18 February, 2013 | Size: 3.1 MB | Download Now

PDF Recovery Toolbox 2.0.0
PDF Recovery Toolbox 2.0.0    License: Shareware

Take a closer look at PDF Recovery Toolbox and evaluate the efficiency of selected data recovery program, this tool opens damaged PDF documents for analysis and retrieves your data back anytime the damage occurs in Adobe Acrobat files.
Author: Recovery ToolBox | Date: 18 February, 2013 | Size: 3.3 MB | Download Now

PowerPoint Recovery Toolbox 1.0.1
PowerPoint Recovery Toolbox 1.0.1    License: Shareware

PowerPoint Recovery Toolbox is an efficient program with a convenient user interface for recovering damaged PowerPoint presentations. The utility quickly recovers data from unreadable presentations, saved in the .PPT and .PPTX format.
Author: Recovery ToolBox | Date: 30 November, 2010 | Size: 1.1 MB | Download Now

MySql Recovery Toolbox 1.0.2
MySql Recovery Toolbox 1.0.2    License: Shareware

MySQL Recovery Toolbox is a quick and effective tool for recovering corrupted MySQL databases. It extracts and saves data from corrupted MySQL databases. The tool recovers the structure and data types and does not require any special knowledge.
Author: Recovery ToolBox | Date: 10 March, 2011 | Size: 1.7 MB | Download Now

OneNote Recovery Toolbox 2.0.0
OneNote Recovery Toolbox 2.0.0    License: Shareware

Get OneNote Recovery Toolbox and evaluate the ease of OneNote file recovery on virtually any PC in the network. The developer of OneNote Recovery Toolbox guarantees the safety of OneNote recovery program, it works with copies only.
Author: Recovery ToolBox | Date: 18 February, 2013 | Size: 3.1 MB | Download Now

Project Recovery Toolbox 1.0.2
Project Recovery Toolbox 1.0.2    License: Shareware

Project Recovery Toolbox is a convenient tool for quick and effective recovery of data from corrupted Microsoft Project data files. The program is easy-to-use and allows you to recover as much data from corrupted MPP files as possible.
Author: Recovery ToolBox | Date: 10 March, 2011 | Size: 1006.3 KB | Download Now

Registry Recovery Toolbox 1.2.7
Registry Recovery Toolbox 1.2.7    License: Shareware

Registry Recovery Toolbox is a convenient, compact and effective tool for recovering Windows system registry files. It recovers and saves data from the corrupted registry files of the Windows operating system.
Author: Recovery ToolBox | Date: 10 March, 2011 | Size: 1005.0 KB | Download Now

Flash Recovery Toolbox 1.0.12
Flash Recovery Toolbox 1.0.12    License: Shareware

Flash Recovery Toolbox repairs data from removable media, hard disks and even floppy disks that use any modification of the FAT file system (FAT12/FAT16/FAT32).
Author: Recovery ToolBox | Date: 21 September, 2012 | Size: 839.7 KB | Download Now

CD Recovery Toolbox Free 1.1.16
CD Recovery Toolbox Free 1.1.16    License: Freeware

CD Recovery Toolbox Free was developed for recovering damaged files CD, DVD, HD DVD, Blu-Ray and etc disks.
Author: Recovery ToolBox | Date: 16 August, 2012 | Size: 675.8 KB | Download Now

DBF Recovery Toolbox 1.0.4
DBF Recovery Toolbox 1.0.4    License: Shareware

The dBase programming language was created for a long time ago and it is actually very popular. There are many platforms supporting this format, for example dBase IV, Clipper, FoxPro and some other applications.
Author: Recovery ToolBox | Date: 02 June, 2012 | Size: 962.6 KB | Download Now

Outlook Viewer Free 1.0.0    License: Shareware

Outlook Viewer Free is a handy and reliable application designed to enable users to view the contents of PST files.Outlook Viewer Free displays and recovers corrupt PST files.
Author: Recovery ToolBox | Date: 27 May, 2013 | Size: 0 | Download Now

Exchange Server Recovery Toolbox 1.0.2
Exchange Server Recovery Toolbox 1.0.2    License: Shareware

Exchange Server Recovery Toolbox is an efficient remedy against data corruption issues that works with all supported versions of this platform.
Author: Recovery ToolBox | Date: 29 May, 2013 | Size: 2.2 MB | Download Now

Excel Recovery Toolbox 1.4.23
Excel Recovery Toolbox 1.4.23    License: Shareware

Excel Recovery Toolbox is a tool for recovering corrupted Microsoft Excel files. The program extracts information from corrupted and unreadable Microsoft Excel files and exports the data to a new Excel file.
Author: Recovery ToolBox | Date: 17 May, 2013 | Size: 921.6 KB | Download Now