New Software

Maiar Browser
Published: 21 November, 2019 08:48
Maiar is a blazing fast, privacy-first browser that comes...

MindMaster for Linux 7.0
Published: 21 November, 2019 08:34
MindMaster is a cross-platform and multi-functional mind...

MindMaster for Mac 7.2
Published: 21 November, 2019 07:58
MindMaster is a cross-platform and multi-functional mind...

Apeaksoft Free HEIC Converter for Mac 1.1.10
Published: 20 November, 2019 09:22
Apeaksoft Free HEIC Converter for Mac is freeware which...

MindMaster 7.2
Published: 20 November, 2019 08:10
MindMaster is a cross-platform and multi-functional mind...

Radmin VPN 1.1.3909
Published: 19 November, 2019 10:46
Radmin VPN - is a free and easy-to-use software product...

PDF WIZ 2.0.0
Published: 19 November, 2019 10:21
PDF WIZ is a desktop program for Windows computer. You...

DiskGenius Free
Published: 19 November, 2019 10:06
DiskGenius is powerful data recovery software and...

DataNumen Exchange Recovery 6.9
Published: 19 November, 2019 10:02
DataNumen Exchange Recovery is the best recovery tool for...

Wayk Now
Published: 14 November, 2019 08:44
Wayk Now lets you take control of a remote computer, or...

DataNumen Outlook Repair 6.9
Published: 14 November, 2019 08:38
DataNumen Outlook Repair is the best Outlook recovery...

NetSpot 2.11.967
Published: 14 November, 2019 08:32
NetSpot 2 is the only professional app for wireless site...

NetSpot for Windows 2.11.705.0
Published: 14 November, 2019 08:27
NetSpot is an application for Windows 7/8/10 that is used...

TZ Wallpaper Manager 1.1
Published: 13 November, 2019 09:36
Change your desktop wallpaper everyday at a scheduled...

NetSpot - WiFi Analyzer 1.1.21
Published: 13 November, 2019 09:34
NetSpot for Android is the best way to discover WiFi...

Music Maker
Published: 11 November, 2019 08:53
The original for making music - now completely free....

BriskBard 1.8.2
Published: 11 November, 2019 07:54
BriskBard is the new web browser for Windows that...

M-SPEAKER Server 1.0
Published: 11 November, 2019 07:47
M-SPEAKER can turn an android mobile phone into a PC...

Published: 09 November, 2019 10:28
WalkAway is a free Windows application that reminds you...

Pidro Challenge 2.5.0
Published: 09 November, 2019 10:09
The Pidro card game - a game of daring and skill. You and...

New Reviews

Aquarium Lab 2012.0.2   (Usha)
My aquarium water condition is being monitored by this...

TextSeek (Mac) 2.5.1583   (Zesi_Tom)
Deep indexing of desktop computer's documents is...

RPM Remote Print Manager Elite 32 Bit   (tintin)
Takes care of any printing job to be converted and saved...

Nutrigenic Helper 1.0   (Simsiak)
As a dietician I use this software to plan a nutrient...

Radmin   (Jefferson)
Can control the computers from distance location even if...

JavaScript Diagram 3.3.3   (Xeviers)
Lots of flow diagrams can be drawn in short time with...

WarpPro 1.0   (Rownok)
Reproduces any record after fixing the timing error of...

HueScope Separator 1.0   (Kislu)
Separates the colors from an watercolor image which is...

ERD Concepts 8.0   (Tintin)
For backend database design it is the perfect one, manual...

MindView 7.0.15506   (Zerin)
Can easily note down any new ideas or plans for future...

Popular Software

FreeCommander 2009.02b  (6251)
Released: 08 November, 2011
FreeCommander is an advanced file manager program. It can...

AbiWord 2.8.6  (1831)
Released: 05 December, 2011
AbiWord is a free word processor for all major operating...

TestDisk and PhotoRec 6.14  (2861)
Released: 24 October, 2012
TestDisk is a powerful free data recovery software!

NetBeans IDE 7.4  (1077)
Released: 02 December, 2013
Free and open source IDE for programmers in almost all...

Safari for Windows 5.1.7  (4006)
Released: 04 December, 2013
Experience the fastest web browsing in your windows PC...

GeekUninstaller  (1401)
Released: 08 December, 2013
GeekUninstaller is a free small sized uninstaller program...

SeaMonkey 2.23  (1608)
Released: 07 January, 2014
Advanced Internet user, web developer and corporate...

Ahnenblatt 2.74  (96)
Released: 15 November, 2012
Ahnenblatt is a free and easy-to-use genealogy software...


Software Publisher: "Magnetism Studios"

Checkmarker 1.0    License: Freeware

Checkmarker is a Dashboard widget that helps you stay organized by putting a handy notepad right on your dashboard. It's designed especially for quickly making and sorting lists.
Author: Magnetism Studios | Date: 14 June, 2011 | Size: 601.0 KB | Download Now

VoteBurst 1.0
VoteBurst 1.0    License: Freeware

VoteBurst is the totally addictive online survey game for the iPhone! It's simple - After you launch VoteBurst, it'll ask you a simple question. Some questions are funny, some are interesting, some are just plain strange.
Author: Magnetism Studios | Date: 07 October, 2009 | Size: 3.5 MB | Download Now

Choose Your Own Adventure - Return to Atlantis 1.0.1    License: Freeware

The Choose Your Own Adventure books put you in control of the story - at the end of each page, you're presented with a choice. What will you decide? Your fate is in your hands. Now you can rediscover the classic series on your iPhone.
Author: Magnetism Studios | Date: 27 October, 2008 | Size: 4.1 MB | Download Now

Restful - Deluxe Alarm Clock 1.0
Restful - Deluxe Alarm Clock 1.0    License: Freeware

Restful is an elegant alarm clock for your iPhone. It makes it easy to change the time that you wake up, to make sure you get your full eight hours every night. Just spin the dial and the alarm time changes.
Author: Magnetism Studios | Date: 04 October, 2011 | Size: 20.5 MB | Download Now

TwistPics 1.0
TwistPics 1.0    License: Shareware

TwistPics is a brand new addictive puzzle game for your iPhone - each level is a picture that's been scrambled. Learning how to play is easy - just tap on a tile until it matches up with it's neighbors and reveals the hidden image. Stuck?
Author: Magnetism Studios | Date: 18 October, 2009 | Size: 4.0 MB | Download Now

PixelScope 1.0
PixelScope 1.0    License: Freeware

PixelScope lets you take awesome 8-bit inspired photos and share them with the world!
Author: Magnetism Studios | Date: 04 October, 2011 | Size: 1.3 MB | Download Now

Mr. Shuffle 1.0
Mr. Shuffle 1.0    License: Freeware

Mr. Shuffle is an interactive face making toy. It lets you arrange cartoon eyes, noses and mouths into funny faces. You can add captions and thought bubbles to customize even further.
Author: Magnetism Studios | Date: 09 October, 2008 | Size: 716.8 KB | Download Now

CityTransit - Official NYC Subway Maps 2.11
CityTransit - Official NYC Subway Maps 2.11    License: Shareware

CityTransit is a complete guide to the New York City Subway system. It's the only NYC subway guide that includes the official new 2010 MTA licensed subway maps, line data, a GPS-based station finder and live service advisories.
Author: Magnetism Studios | Date: 20 October, 2010 | Size: 10.5 MB | Download Now

FileMagnet - Read and e-mail your documents on the go 2.02
FileMagnet - Read and e-mail your documents on the go 2.02    License: Shareware

FileMagnet makes it easy to copy files from your computer onto your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. View all the popular file formats, including PDF, Microsoft Office, RTF, and iWork '09, even when you're not connected to the internet.
Author: Magnetism Studios | Date: 09 October, 2010 | Size: 2.0 MB | Download Now

TongueTyers 1.0
TongueTyers 1.0    License: Freeware

TongueTyers is a brand new way to EMBARRASS YOUR FRIENDS and YOURSELF! Think you've got a DEXTROUS TONGUE? Think again! Flip through these classic and contemporary tongue twisters with two animated views. You can try not to laugh, but it won't work.
Author: Magnetism Studios | Date: 01 October, 2010 | Size: 18.0 MB | Download Now

FileMagnet for Mac OS 1.1    License: Freeware

Copying files from your Mac to your iPhone was never easier a€” Just open FileMagnet Uploader on your computer and iPhone. The two programs will connect over your Wi-Fi network and copy over files automatically.
Author: Magnetism Studios | Date: 28 September, 2012 | Size: 501.8 KB | Download Now