New Downloads

Guzinta Math
Published: 28 March, 2020 08:44
For one-on-one, at home, and whole-class mathematics...

ManyCam 7.0.6
Published: 28 March, 2020 08:42
ManyCam, free webcam software & video switcher that...

SSuite Online Office 2.8.1
Published: 25 March, 2020 07:50
With its online and offline capabilities, you don't need...

DPLS Scientific Calculator
Published: 24 March, 2020 07:37
This easy to use calculator is a must for science...

GlassWire Firewall 2.1.167
Published: 24 March, 2020 07:32
GlassWire's free firewall software helps protect your...

Xing Lead Extractor 3.0.6
Published: 23 March, 2020 08:42
Xing Lead Extractor extracts profile link, name, emails,...

Cyclonis Password Manager
Published: 23 March, 2020 08:40
With Cyclonis Password Manager, you can manage &...

SAM Broadcaster Cloud 2020.2
Published: 23 March, 2020 08:39
Start your own radio station with SAM Broadcaster Cloud -...

Print Conductor 7.0
Published: 23 March, 2020 08:29
Print Conductor is a batch printing software. It prints...

Published: 22 March, 2020 08:28
GHS compliant SDS and Safety Label Authoring Tool for...

NetSpot for Windows 2.12.715
Published: 22 March, 2020 08:19
NetSpot is an application for Windows 7/8/10 that is used...

DewVPN unlimited free VPN for Windows 1.2.0
Published: 22 March, 2020 07:46
The updated DewVPN app comes with new and improved...

New Year Decoration Screensaver 2.0
Published: 21 March, 2020 09:40
Let's celebrate New Year Holiday all together! This...

AAMS Auto Audio Mastering System 4.0
Published: 19 March, 2020 09:19
AAMS Auto Audio Mastering System V4.0 - Welcome to AAMS,...

Fornux C++ Superset 5.1
Published: 18 March, 2020 11:49
Fornux C++ Superset is a source-to-source compiler that...

New Reviews

Aquarium Lab 2012.0.2   (Usha)
My aquarium water condition is being monitored by this...

TextSeek (Mac) 2.5.1583   (Zesi_Tom)
Deep indexing of desktop computer's documents is...

RPM Remote Print Manager Elite 32 Bit   (tintin)
Takes care of any printing job to be converted and saved...

Nutrigenic Helper 1.0   (Simsiak)
As a dietician I use this software to plan a nutrient...

Radmin   (Jefferson)
Can control the computers from distance location even if...

JavaScript Diagram 3.3.3   (Xeviers)
Lots of flow diagrams can be drawn in short time with...

WarpPro 1.0   (Rownok)
Reproduces any record after fixing the timing error of...

HueScope Separator 1.0   (Kislu)
Separates the colors from an watercolor image which is...

ERD Concepts 8.0   (Tintin)
For backend database design it is the perfect one, manual...

MindView 7.0.18668.0   (Zerin)
Can easily note down any new ideas or plans for future...

Popular Downloads

FreeCommander 2009.02b  (6279)
Released: 08 November, 2011
FreeCommander is an advanced file manager program. It can...

AbiWord 2.8.6  (1839)
Released: 05 December, 2011
AbiWord is a free word processor for all major operating...

TestDisk and PhotoRec 6.14  (2867)
Released: 24 October, 2012
TestDisk is a powerful free data recovery software!

NetBeans IDE 7.4  (1092)
Released: 02 December, 2013
Free and open source IDE for programmers in almost all...

Safari for Windows 5.1.7  (4013)
Released: 04 December, 2013
Experience the fastest web browsing in your windows PC...

GeekUninstaller  (1406)
Released: 08 December, 2013
GeekUninstaller is a free small sized uninstaller program...

SeaMonkey 2.23  (1614)
Released: 07 January, 2014
Advanced Internet user, web developer and corporate...

Ahnenblatt 2.74  (102)
Released: 15 November, 2012
Ahnenblatt is a free and easy-to-use genealogy software...



Games Downloads

Abundante for Mac OS 1.0  License: Freeware
Exotic lands await the brave explorer. Grab your cart and start smashing bricks and release the shiny gems. Form different shapes with bricks to receive even greater treasures and make your way through the thick jungle.
Date: 28 October, 2012
OS Support: Mac
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(18.2 MB)

Neko Type-R for Mac OS 1.1  License: Freeware
Run, kitty, run! *insert furious typing motions here* Neko Type-R is a small game I whipped up in 21 days for “Accelerated”, a racing themed contest that the fine folks over at ran in January 2005.
Author: Vince Tagle
Date: 13 October, 2012
OS Support: Mac
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(1024.0 KB)

Thoroughbred Derby for Mac OS 1.4  License: Freeware
A simple horse betting game. Select your favorite horse and bid amount, and then watch the horses race across the track! Will you bet on the horse with the best odds, or will you risk it all by betting on the long shot? The choice is yours!
Author: LittleFin Software
Date: 04 July, 2012
OS Support: Mac
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(1.9 MB)

KrissX for Mac OS 1.0  License: Freeware
A captivating and relaxing mix of puzzle game and word game. Swap letters and decipher clues to solve a series of clever puzzles. Conquer a huge variety of puzzles in Quest Mode and tackle the exciting Time Attack challenge.
Date: 14 October, 2012
OS Support: Mac
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(27.0 MB)

Sally's Quick Clips for Mac OS 1.0  License: Freeware
Join everyone’s favorite esthetician for a trip down memory lane in Sally’s Quick Clips, an exciting new challenge featuring gameplay never before seen in any previous Sally games.
Author: GameHouse
Date: 11 October, 2012
OS Support: Mac
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(90.1 MB)

Jessica's Cupcake Cafe for Mac OS 1.0  License: Freeware
Aunt Margaret's bakery is in serious danger of going out of business, but all the ingredients for sweet success are here.
Author: PlayFirst
Date: 24 June, 2012
OS Support: Mac
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(45.4 MB)

Mystic Diary: Lost Brother for Mac OS 1.0  License: Freeware
Take on the role of a Victorian-era magician on a noble quest to find his lost brother. Travel throughout the world using the magical pages of the Mystic Diary to unlock the mystery behind your brother`s sudden disappearance.
Author: Big Fish Games
Date: 28 October, 2012
OS Support: Mac
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(105.0 MB)

Build-a-lot 3 for Mac OS 1.0  License: Freeware
Your passport to fun! Travel all over Europe as you restore rundown houses, develop friendly services and beautify neighborhoods with picturesque landmarks.
Author: Red Marble Games
Date: 27 August, 2012
OS Support: Mac
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(103.0 MB)

D2X-XL 1.15.270  License: Freeware
D2X-XL is an OpenGL port of the classic 3D Shooter game Descent 2 for Win32, Linux and Mac OS X, containing many enhancements and bug fixes while preserving full backwards compatibility.
Author: Dietfrid Mali
Date: 06 October, 2012
OS Support: Windows , Windows 7 , WinXP , Windows Vista
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(37.0 MB)

Conquest for Mac OS 1.1.2  License: Freeware
A unique spin on the turn-based strategy genre, offering fast, simultaneous turn-based strategy gameplay instead of multiple-hour long games of research and building. Play the role of a futuristic commander.
Author: Proxy Studios
Date: 21 September, 2012
OS Support: Mac
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(74.0 MB)

The Amazing Brain Train for Mac OS 1.03  License: Freeware
All aboard! Power up your intellect and embark on an epic quest aboard The Amazing Brain Train! Fueled by your mental energy, Professor Fizzwizzle’s Brain Train will take you on a brain-boosting adventure!
Author: Grubby Games
Date: 07 August, 2012
OS Support: Mac
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(25.6 MB)

Toki Tori for Mac OS 1.0  License: Freeware
A highly entertaining puzzle platformer like nothing you have seen before. Push your brain to the limit as you guide Toki Tori through 80 challenging levels spread over 4 mysterious worlds - collecting eggs as you go.
Date: 01 September, 2012
OS Support: Mac
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(75.0 MB)

Crazy Motorbike screenshot Crazy Motorbike 1.0  License: Freeware
Free sports skill motorbike game by Dirt bike game, drive your motor bike on the dirt track, try drive fast and safe.
Date: 22 August, 2012
OS Support: Windows , Win98 , WinXP , Windows Vista
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(5.7 MB)

Fashion Dash for Mac OS  License: Freeware
Its time to try on a whole new DASH! Step into the fashionable shoes of Coco, a young woman with dreams of creating a new fashion empire, one custom fit at a time!
Author: TOP Game Arcade
Date: 25 June, 2012
OS Support: Mac
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(14.3 MB)

Little Sailor sail & motorboat simulator screenshot Little Sailor sail & motorboat simulator 3.0  License: Shareware
Little Sailor is a sailing, surfing and motorboat simulator for mobile devices. Take Little Sailor with you and learn basics of sailing anywhere! See how wind force affects the sail and test your skills against AI opponents in a yacht race.
Author: Mooncoder
Date: 21 October, 2012
OS Support:
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(788.5 KB)

Slope Rider for Mac OS 1.5  License: Freeware
The wildly successful 3D snowboarding game for the Mac. Slope Rider is an adrenalin-pumping, high-speed ride that delivers an awesome extreme sports experience without the reality of broken bones, frozen fingers and hours of queuing.
Author: Monte Boyd
Date: 02 August, 2012
OS Support: Mac
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(11.4 MB)

Steampunk Rally screenshot Steampunk Rally 1.0  License: Freeware
Ride your steampunk motorcycle in the steampunk world as you balance your bike and unlock new bikes.
Date: 21 July, 2012
OS Support: Windows , Win98 , WinXP , Windows Vista
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(5.4 MB)

LEGO Batman for Mac OS 1.0  License: Freeware
Arkham Asylum is home to Gotham City's criminally insane villains a€“ or at least it was until they broke out.
Author: Feral Interactive
Date: 07 August, 2012
OS Support: Mac
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(574.4 MB)

Mahjong Solitarus for Mac OS 2.1  License: Freeware
Most Mahjong solitaire players suffer FROM the same problem: once they’ve completed all levels, they run out of fresh layouts to play.
Author: DanlabG
Date: 27 August, 2012
OS Support: Mac
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(17.0 MB)

Max & The Magic Marker for Mac OS 1.0  License: Freeware
A physics based 2D puzzle platformer, in which the player controls the boy Max and his Magic Marker.
Date: 09 October, 2012
OS Support: Mac
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(93.0 MB)

X-Feeder screenshot X-Feeder  License: Shareware
X-Feeder is the first software for BetFair X-Games that combines simple one-click betting with most sophisticated automated trading. All five games are supported, both Standard and Turbo modes. One-click betting.
Author: WellDone Creative Software
Date: 23 June, 2012
OS Support: Windows , WinXP , Windows Vista
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(3.5 MB)

Hyper Dunk - The Playoff Edition 1.0  License: Freeware
Double Dribble is a basketball video game by Konami. The original version was an arcade game released in 1986.
Author: GameFabrique
Date: 24 October, 2012
OS Support: Windows , Win98 , WinME , WinNT 4.x , WinXP , Windows 2000 , Windows 2003 , Windows Vista
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(1.6 MB)

Quantum for Mac OS 1.3  License: Freeware
You are the pilot of Quantum, an Omega-class fighter patroling deep space. Its a lonely assigment.
Author: Electron Zen
Date: 23 June, 2012
OS Support: Mac
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(6.0 MB)

LinCity-NG for Mac OS 0.2  License: Freeware
A City Simulation Game. It is a polished and improved version of the classic LinCity game. Within the scope of the GoTM project at happypenguin we have created a new iso-3D graphics engine, with a completely redone and modern GUI.
Author: Josh Dye
Date: 25 May, 2012
OS Support: Mac
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(29.5 MB)

Earth is a 3D Planet for Mac OS 1.02  License: Freeware
A fast shoot-em-up a€” with a twist. You have 10 seconds to live, flying close to asteroids or destroying enemies grants extra time. How long can you last?
Author: Manuel van Dyck
Date: 01 October, 2012
OS Support: Mac
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(3.4 MB)

Snooker for Mac OS 10.7.1  License: Freeware
Fun and easy to play, computer simulation of the popular Snooker game. With several settings and options to customize the game to your playing style.
Author: baKno games
Date: 23 August, 2012
OS Support: Mac
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(4.9 MB)

Sunday Search for Mac OS 1.6  License: Freeware
Relax as if it were a Sunday morning with your favorite Sunday paper word search. How many screens can you clear in 7 minutes? Find out in Timed mode.Casual mode lets you find all the words in the list.
Author: NPC Unlimited
Date: 19 August, 2012
OS Support: Mac
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(18.5 MB)

Scrapbook Paige for Mac OS 1.0  License: Freeware
Paige needs your designer’s eye to help her with her scrapbooking shop. Search through the shop’s many themed areas for those special items that will add a personal touch to the customer’s scrapbook pages.
Date: 14 September, 2012
OS Support: Mac
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(112.0 MB)

Hangman Pro for Mac OS 3.0  License: Freeware
A colorful, educational, non-violent word-guessing game, with dozens and dozens of built-in categories of words, unlimited custom word lists, hinting, digitized sounds, speech synthesis, timed or relaxed games, photo words, custom menus, a litt
Author: Space-Time Associates
Date: 16 July, 2012
OS Support: Mac
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(6.8 MB)

WowMatrix WoW Addon Installer and Updater for Mac OS 2.9.3  License: Freeware
A free World of Warcraft Addon Installer and Updater that is elegant and easy to use. No more wasting time checking WoW Addon web sites and manually installing addons. WowMatrix saves you hours of time.
Author: WoW Addons
Date: 23 September, 2012
OS Support: Mac
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(2.8 MB)