New Software

Tweaking.Com Windows Repair 4.0.12
Published: 18 January, 2018 10:09 - Windows Repair is a tool designed help fix...

Hi Security
Published: 16 January, 2018 09:52
Hi Security is a free-to-download antivirus solution...

BOINC Monitor 9.77
Published: 16 January, 2018 08:58
BOINC Monitor shows BOINC tasks progress. Resizable! Save...

WinsClose 1.0.9
Published: 16 January, 2018 08:26
WinsClose is a freeware program that displays a list of...

vCard Wizard 4.12
Published: 16 January, 2018 08:13
Transfer, import and export Contacts between Outlook,...

Virus Cleaner
Published: 15 January, 2018 09:56
Virus Cleaner is a world-leading anti spy application. It...

Wise Driver Care 2.2.1219
Published: 15 January, 2018 09:48
Wise Driver Care is a software that you can use to...

StartupDiff 1.3.8
Published: 15 January, 2018 09:43
StartupDiff displays a list of the computer's programs...

BS1 Accounting (Spanish) 2018.0
Published: 15 January, 2018 09:39
Free Accounting Software: General Ledger, Accounts...

Jihosoft Free HEIC Converter 1.0.8
Published: 15 January, 2018 08:05
An fantastic HEIC converter software that is devoted to...

SSuite OmegaOffice HD+ 2.38.4
Published: 14 January, 2018 10:55
This office suite was created for the professional and...

Express Animate Animation Free 3.10
Published: 14 January, 2018 10:32
Express Animate is free animation software that gives you... VPN for Windows 1.3.2
Published: 14 January, 2018 10:29 VPN released an update for its Windows app...

Winter Quad Racing 1.0
Published: 14 January, 2018 08:21
ATV moto racing game. The game takes place on a...

Simple Video Compressor 1.0
Published: 14 January, 2018 08:18
Compress video size while retaining quality with Simple...

Free ANPR/LPR SDK for Android 1.0.11
Published: 14 January, 2018 08:16
Free License Plate Recognition SDK for Android allows you...

ScanTransfer 1.0
Published: 13 January, 2018 07:32
ScanTransfer is a free Windows desktop software program...

Job Designer
Published: 13 January, 2018 07:28
Schedule your rooms, employees and other resources with...

eMyCar Monitor 64bit
Published: 11 January, 2018 07:55
eMyCar-Monitor includes all essential elements which are...

Published: 11 January, 2018 07:31
Automatic transformation of the network or local folder...

New Reviews

Radmin   (Jefferson)
Can control the computers from distance location even if...

JavaScript Diagram 3.1   (Xeviers)
Lots of flow diagrams can be drawn in short time with...

WarpPro 1.0   (Rownok)
Reproduces any record after fixing the timing error of...

HueScope Separator 1.0   (Kislu)
Separates the colors from an watercolor image which is...

ERD Concepts 8.0   (Tintin)
For backend database design it is the perfect one, manual...

MindView 7.0.11522   (Zerin)
Can easily note down any new ideas or plans for future...

Program Protector 4.4   (toma)
Sometimes you need to protect some programs from...

RSHUT PRO   (Zerin)
Shuts your computer or restarts on scheduled time, also...

RESTrick Control Panel   (Shinua)
Limits the access to the control panel, makes sure that...

BriskBard 1.0.0   (Tunjhum)
BriskBard can be good alternative of other popular...

Popular Software

FreeCommander 2009.02b  (6035)
Released: 08 November, 2011
FreeCommander is an advanced file manager program. It can...

AbiWord 2.8.6  (1732)
Released: 05 December, 2011
AbiWord is a free word processor for all major operating...

TestDisk and PhotoRec 6.14  (2764)
Released: 24 October, 2012
TestDisk is a powerful free data recovery software!

NetBeans IDE 7.4  (984)
Released: 02 December, 2013
Free and open source IDE for programmers in almost all...

Safari for Windows 5.1.7  (3872)
Released: 04 December, 2013
Experience the fastest web browsing in your windows PC...

GeekUninstaller  (1337)
Released: 08 December, 2013
GeekUninstaller is a free small sized uninstaller program...

SeaMonkey 2.23  (1521)
Released: 07 January, 2014
Advanced Internet user, web developer and corporate...

Ahnenblatt 2.74  (59)
Released: 15 November, 2012
Ahnenblatt is a free and easy-to-use genealogy software...


Software Publisher: "Beansprites LLC"

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Halloween MiniGames! 1.0    License: Freeware

Play fun Halloween MiniGames, for Short Attention Spans!
Beat your high score, and re-challenge yourself again, and again!

Candy Drop: Can you catch all the Lollipops, Chocolate Bars, and Purple treats?
Author: Beansprites LLC | Date: 09 October, 2010 | Size: 7.6 MB | Download Now

Movie Rush! HD 1.0    License: Shareware

The Grand Opening of the Local Movie Theater has begun, and you are in charge of the concessions stand!

Serve Movie Concessions to Hungry and impatient customers!

Serve it in a timely manner, and you stay another day!
Author: Beansprites LLC | Date: 14 October, 2011 | Size: 15.5 MB | Download Now

Alice in Patchland 1.0    License: Shareware

Embark on an Adventure with Alice in Patchland, a Preschool educational tool with a medley of activities that kids ages 2-5 will enjoy, and love!
Author: Beansprites LLC | Date: 13 October, 2011 | Size: 18.6 MB | Download Now

Endless Apples 1.1    License: Freeware


Author: Beansprites LLC | Date: 08 October, 2009 | Size: 3.1 MB | Download Now

ABC Owl HD: Spanish 1.0    License: Shareware

Developed and tested by Educators

ABC Owl: Spanish is a fun, interactive alphabet game that will teach you the entire Spanish alphabet, along with words, and annunciations!
Author: Beansprites LLC | Date: 23 October, 2011 | Size: 10.2 MB | Download Now

Creature Match HD 1.0    License: Shareware

Play a Classic and Fun Memory Game with Cute and Colorful Creatures in HD!

Very Colorful and Eye Catching, it's Total Eye Candy for your Kids, and on the Bigger screen with the bigger creatures, it's even more fun to play!
Author: Beansprites LLC | Date: 08 October, 2010 | Size: 6.0 MB | Download Now

Wicked Woods 1.3    License: Freeware

Restart Level coming soon!!

Working on improving controls and buttons!!

Updated Controls Coming Soon! Improved and smoother walking, jumping has improved, and overall improvements in her movements with the newest update of Gamesalad 0.6.2!
Author: Beansprites LLC | Date: 07 October, 2010 | Size: 6.6 MB | Download Now

ABC Owl Preschool! HD 1.3    License: Shareware

Owl Preschool for the iPad is a fun learning experience for toddlers! Learn their ABC's with every single letter of the Alphabet, and Gorgeous, Colorful images with Great Voice over Work!
Author: Beansprites LLC | Date: 01 October, 2011 | Size: 9.0 MB | Download Now

Fairytale Christmas! 1.0    License: Freeware

Join all your Favorite Christmas Characters and Treats for Preschool fun!

Enjoy fun games including Matching, Counting, and Preschool activities! Randomly generated levels makes playing this game different everytime!
Author: Beansprites LLC | Date: 14 October, 2010 | Size: 10.9 MB | Download Now

Kids Creative Adventures HD 1.0    License: Shareware

Your kids need a break from school?

You need a break from yelling tantrums? Hand your kids your phone with this app, and it will surely keep them occupied!

With 4 different categories of games including:

1) Coloring book!
Author: Beansprites LLC | Date: 17 October, 2010 | Size: 9.2 MB | Download Now

Donut Yum FREE 1.2
Donut Yum FREE 1.2    License: Freeware

Donut Yum FREE is a delicious food app with the most delectable, fresh, tasty Donuts you have ever had in your life... with ZERO Calories!!
Author: Beansprites LLC | Date: 11 October, 2012 | Size: 12.8 MB | Download Now

Donut Yum HD 1.0
Donut Yum HD 1.0    License: Shareware

Donut Yum is a delicious food app with the most delectable, fresh, tasty Donuts you have ever had in your life... with ZERO Calories!!
Author: Beansprites LLC | Date: 04 October, 2011 | Size: 10.3 MB | Download Now

Baby Musical Wonder 1.0    License: Freeware

More instruments coming soon including a harp! More pianos with chords and notes, and more fun musical mini-games!

The All in one Baby Music App!

This App has it all for your baby, toddler or child!
Author: Beansprites LLC | Date: 23 October, 2010 | Size: 4.5 MB | Download Now

iAnnoyed! 1.0    License: Freeware

Want to Annoy your friends? Annoy your Co-Workers? Want to
Annoy yourself?!

This app will provide you with some of the most annoying sounds ever! Toilet sounds, daily grind, talking sounds and more!
Author: Beansprites LLC | Date: 04 October, 2010 | Size: 6.2 MB | Download Now

Toy Match HD! 1.0    License: Shareware

Play a Classic and Fun Memory Game with Cute Vinyl Toy like Bears! Very Colorful and Eye Catching, it's Total Eye Candy for your Kid!
Author: Beansprites LLC | Date: 20 October, 2010 | Size: 4.9 MB | Download Now

Animal Preschool HD 1.1    License: Shareware

Explore the Jungle and meet many different species of Animals in this fun educational app for your little explorer!


1) Animal Matching Game to improve your child's memory while they oogle at the cute animal pictures!
Author: Beansprites LLC | Date: 10 October, 2010 | Size: 12.6 MB | Download Now

Day at the Zoo! HD 1.1    License: Shareware


Day at the Zoo is a very engaging, Colorful, and Fun, Learning Application for your Child!
Author: Beansprites LLC | Date: 21 October, 2010 | Size: 13.6 MB | Download Now

Birds Attack! 1.3    License: Freeware

Play the game that was inspired by Birds and the Beans from Nintendo!

Birds have attacked your haven, and you're not gonna' take it anymore! Blast your way through 3 different gorgeous levels, and rack up the highest score you can for each one!
Author: Beansprites LLC | Date: 14 October, 2010 | Size: 8.9 MB | Download Now

Creature Memory Match! 1.0    License: Freeware

Play a Classic and Fun Memory Game with Cute and Colorful Creatures! Very Colorful and Eye Catching, it's Total Eye Candy for your Kids!
Author: Beansprites LLC | Date: 08 October, 2010 | Size: 5.5 MB | Download Now

Cupcake Cafe! 1.2    License: Freeware

It's Cupcakes Galore!

Your starting your own Cupcake Business!

It's time for you to step up to the plate, and sell those Cupcakes!

Sell faster for more achivements!

Earn new toppings and frosting as you go like M&M's, Cherries, and Blueberries!
Author: Beansprites LLC | Date: 28 October, 2011 | Size: 9.3 MB | Download Now